Live Your Life Bravely

World and life are a beautiful things which ever happened to us, but sometimes in life people are creating problems, whether it happens to them or it only happens in their mind,we are all full of afraid and uncertainty.

Some of us are always like to think, what if this happens?what it that happens?People like to have a negative thinking in their mind, they are all afraid for what they want, they are not believing enough for what they have been prayed.

And if we know that did those negatives things are useless, why it is hard to think the other way around.Think positively, stop complaining, love your live, be happy, be brave.

Everything Will be Change When You Do It in the Different Way


About Stephanus Lukmanto
Who Am I? Hi, my name is Stephanus Lukmanto, i was born in February, 6 1985 in Malang City, East Java Indonesia, it is small town, 1 hour by plane from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. What Do I Do? I am an Entrepreneur, i have some offline and online business. I found, the business is selling frozen chicken and duck for family grocery. I also do blogging in to promote my product in as well, since i sell website templates. What is My Interest? I love movie, technology, and something related to business, marketing and digital. -Stephanus Lukmanto-

3 Responses to Live Your Life Bravely

  1. Michelle Ma says:

    Hey, Good Job! I love that picture on the entry!
    Good Luck! Wish the love around: )

  2. rwiN says:

    i agree what u said about our nation, but if you just put in in the web many people will don’t know. more better if you write in to newspaper although radio or television. so rather than netter can read or hear about your opinion.
    gud luck, cheers

  3. bagsholic says:

    that’s the beauty (and ugly) in life ..
    and I agree completely that people should stop complaining about their lives..

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