IMR’s Vision Increase Society Welfare and Reducing Unemployments Rate of Indonesia

IMR or Internet Marketing resource Community is the first business internet community in Indonesia, its base is in Surabaya,. this community is held for helping people with caring who like to know and doing business internet, like we all know that mostly internet user in Indonesia are using internet only for friendster, chatting or opening any adult material, that is too bad, because if we optimizes the usage of internet, it would be very useful to make money.

As this community tells that making money from internet is easy if you know the way how, it helps and educate people who join in to know how to do internet business. This community has a very good vision, they want to help to increase the social welfare and reduce the unemployments rate of Indonesia by providing them with business internet knowledge.

I myself have interest in this community and i had joined since last week, started take the class to learn about internet business. I am proud to join this community which has a good vision and value, more concerning of Indonesia condition and its social issue, like poverty, education, and unemployment. i hope that i can contribute more after finishing my training in IMR community, and we can reach together the vision and also help in developing Indonesia in the future to be a better


About Stephanus Lukmanto
Who Am I? Hi, my name is Stephanus Lukmanto, i was born in February, 6 1985 in Malang City, East Java Indonesia, it is small town, 1 hour by plane from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. What Do I Do? I am an Entrepreneur, i have some offline and online business. I found, the business is selling frozen chicken and duck for family grocery. I also do blogging in to promote my product in as well, since i sell website templates. What is My Interest? I love movie, technology, and something related to business, marketing and digital. -Stephanus Lukmanto-

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