Have You Ever Thanked to This Woman?

This is a woman who work has to feed one nation, ‘Indonesia’. Have you ever said thank you to her who work for you so that you can eat everyday?Do you respect her or what happens mostly is that we never appreciate what she has given to us. Hope this post can help you learn to appreciate other people which you never realize that they work for us…

We People are Connected!!



About Stephanus Lukmanto
Who Am I? Hi, my name is Stephanus Lukmanto, i was born in February, 6 1985 in Malang City, East Java Indonesia, it is small town, 1 hour by plane from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. What Do I Do? I am an Entrepreneur, i have some offline and online business. I found www.thekokiinstan.com, the business is selling frozen chicken and duck for family grocery. I also do blogging in www.idesignresources.com to promote my product in themeforest.net as well, since i sell website templates. What is My Interest? I love movie, technology, and something related to business, marketing and digital. -Stephanus Lukmanto-

One Response to Have You Ever Thanked to This Woman?

  1. kuchikuchi says:

    this is nice and sweet! we tend to forget these small important things in our lives… btw Steve i’m putting ur blog to my blogroll..hope u’d leave comments too ! 😀

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