Review about Pay Per Post

Yesterday I found about pay per post, and interested to join it, i had joined yesterday, i joined as a blogger who will be payed by posting something relates to the advertisers that has provided. To join the PPP program, you need to have blog and paypal account first and sign up to, then you need to register your blog to it and wait for the approval. You may register more than one blog.

You can get opportunity to write a 200 words review about PPP program so you can get $20. the other source of revenue you can get by inviting your friend to join this program, if your friend join, you will get $15. Well, i hope my blog get approved by Payperpost, It will be my first online job, i really mean it. i am good at witting, but never write in internet before, hope that it will go smooth as it used to be.

I think this program should be marketed well and introduce to the people in many countries, For example Indonesia, this program will help to reduce the unemployment rate in that country, so it is very helpful program. So what are you waiting for?Don’t you think you should join this program and get paid by your post on your blog?


About Stephanus Lukmanto
Who Am I? Hi, my name is Stephanus Lukmanto, i was born in February, 6 1985 in Malang City, East Java Indonesia, it is small town, 1 hour by plane from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. What Do I Do? I am an Entrepreneur, i have some offline and online business. I found, the business is selling frozen chicken and duck for family grocery. I also do blogging in to promote my product in as well, since i sell website templates. What is My Interest? I love movie, technology, and something related to business, marketing and digital. -Stephanus Lukmanto-

3 Responses to Review about Pay Per Post

  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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    Interstate 04

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