PlayGroup School Surabaya

Playgroup School of Surabaya was found by Ms. Suan in November, 16 2007. This playgroup school is located in Kartini street, Surabaya. It is still new playgroup school compared to the other school in Surabaya. This Playgroup School provides a very good education even tough the age is considered young as a school in Surabaya.

Ms. Suan started this school with her friend together, she started to build this playgroup school by recruiting a graduate student in playgroup major in one of University in Surabaya. It took 4 months for planning before doing implementation strategy in building playgroup school of Surabaya.

Playgroup School of surabaya is also registered to the department of education of Indonesia. So this playgroup are really providing a real good education for kinds in the playgroup level.


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  1. Rick pontin says:

    This blog provide good info…….. This Playgroup School provides a very good education .

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