How to Start a Business in Internet?- Set What Internet Business

There are so many ways how to start a business in Internet, but first you must understand the important points. Starting a business in Internet is almost same with you start business off line. Here the some points that you need to know:

Set what type of business you would like to start

-Selling products: build online store, selling e-book, selling software, etc

-Selling service: build dating match, social community

-Doing Affiliate: Affiliate in amazon for example

-Apply for Google Adsense for pay per click program or applying for pay per post program (you will be paid by your posting

these above are some common business type that people does in internet business.


About Stephanus Lukmanto
Who Am I? Hi, my name is Stephanus Lukmanto, i was born in February, 6 1985 in Malang City, East Java Indonesia, it is small town, 1 hour by plane from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. What Do I Do? I am an Entrepreneur, i have some offline and online business. I found, the business is selling frozen chicken and duck for family grocery. I also do blogging in to promote my product in as well, since i sell website templates. What is My Interest? I love movie, technology, and something related to business, marketing and digital. -Stephanus Lukmanto-

One Response to How to Start a Business in Internet?- Set What Internet Business

  1. bagsholic says:

    Three C-tools to support the online marketing: camera, computer and cellphone. =)

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