Coastweek – – In response to customers’ requests, Imperial Bank will soon introduce secure internet banking.

By using the Bank’s


website, clients will be able to transact banking services and access the institution’s full range of products via the internet.

Don Ochola, the Head of Information Technology at Imperial Bank said:

“The introduction of internet banking will enable our customers to carry out banking services such as money transfers, make balance enquiries, and obtain FOREX rates without visiting to the bank.”

“Customers who want to conduct banking transactions via Imperial Bank’s internet service will be provided with a unique access code.

This will secure and protect the clients’ banking details.

The service is Verisign Security Certified which ensures the customer’s bank account information is confidential.”

We have already revamped our website by accommodating additional channels and employees have been trained to handle internet banking.

Already customers can obtain information on the Imperial Bank’s wide range of banking services from our website.”

“Our services include current and savings accounts, Marble Junior accounts (for children), payroll accounts and Visa International Credit Cards and a Visa Electron Debit card.


These two Cards are usable in over 5,000 establishments in Kenya and in more than 20 million worldwide,” concluded Don Ochola.


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