About Stephanus

“He thinks that there are lots of things that people can do when they are together, world can be better, when the people in that world would make it better with a same better vision together “

His name is Stephanus Lukmanto, He was born February 06, 1985, in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, the first son from Lukmanto and Lindawati Wijaya, and He has two little brothers, The Nicholas Lukmanto (1988), Agustinus Martinus Lukmanto (1993).When he was a kid, he was a little bit neglected , kind of lack of care, because something happened to his first little brother, The Nicholas Lukmanto, he was sick, he had a leukemia at that time, so that his parent, more care for him. 

 He went to St. Mary elementary school in the town where he lives, as a young boy he was slow in studying, always coming late to school, and went home late, because he did not finish the work which was given by the teacher. Young Stephanus could not focus at all in the school; his mind always went anywhere, thinking so many things, like fantasy, well he did not remember much what he thought at that time. 

In 1993, he had a normal family life, since his brother Nicholas was cured and free from leukemia until now. His life begun to be organized, his mother paid attention a lot to his study, she told him that education is important, but as a young boy, he did not understand about that things, he graduated from his elementary school with just an ordinary result (in 1998). 

In 1998, he went to the same school for his junior high school. At this time he like basketball very much, and his life is more socialize, like going with friend, chatting in phone, like usual young boy who had transition phase, he did not really care about his study.  He did graduate from his junior high school in 2001. 

He went to St. Albert senior high school in 2001, and he had his first girlfriend at this time. When he was in year eleven or “SMA kelas 2” in Indonesian term, he started to think about a business, he was not a boy who raised in a family with a high spending money way, his mother is quite strict in taught him how to use money wisely. 

In his mid year eleven, he had a bad time, but also a good time for him for learning. He broke up with his girlfriend, he was so sad badly. Fortunately, he has a private learning teacher who asked him to join kind of network marketing business; the name of the company is High Desert. The business has a well developed motivation learning and support system. He studied a lot from that business, he begun to think to be a winner, think about his vision, his target, his life, and he wants to do something big. 

In 2003, he went to Petra Christian University; he had studied hard English in order to be able to join the International Business Management Program (IBM) in that university. Well, he made it. He did enter the program. He studied a lot about business, character development, integrity, and professionalism. He met many his good friends in IBM, some of them now is working together with him in building online business, his friends name are Henry Yuono, and Richard. 

He studied in IBM for 4 years, and graduated in mid 2007, his GPA was quite good 3.05. He had studied well this time and more concern on education, since he has understood that education is important. Now, he together with his friends tries to start internet online business, their business is some kind of love match portal, the name is www.jodohjodohan.com, and also a service which provides and selling contacts numbers to help people who has marketing profession, the name is www.nomorjitu.blogspot.com. 

In his age now (22) he, started to concern about business, and social issue, like poverty, social welfare, war and anything that happened in this world lately, more over he concern about Indonesia. There were too many bad things happened lately, like crisis economics in 1998, nine-eleven terror in 2001, Tsunami, Katrina storm in US, War, and poverty. He creates a blog at www.helpyourworld.wordpress.com to share his thinking with people in the world to create a better world, to be more care with their surroundings 

“He thinks that there are lots of things that people can do when they are together, world can be better, when the people in that world would make it better with a same better vision together “ 

-Stephanus Lukmanto-


2 Responses to About Stephanus

  1. kuchikuchi says:

    Check ur “comments”,ada email saya disana, krn saya jarang ym 😦 Atau nanti saya yg email anda.. Tapi ga bs malem ini, bsk ya?

  2. kuchikuchi says:

    steve, saya udah buat blog about Indonesia (yes, in the middle of my thesis =_=) check it out: http://thebeautifulsideofindonesia.wordpress.com

    kalau mau bantu, saya teramat sangat welcome. atau kalo ada temen-temen lo yang berminat berkontribusi, mempromosikan apa aja kebudayaan kita, please support that website. tapi gue kurang jago nih dalam perihal per-web-an..if u would help, i’ll be more than happy! like, gimana cara biar banyak user bisa post disana.. ditunggu ya kabarnya..

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