At Forest Gump restaurant


This is in the Discovery mall of Bali

Vacation in Bali

when i was invited to his talk show at Ciputra Mall Jakarta, He is a great motivator, number “1” in Indonesia



7 Responses to Pictures

  1. bagsholic says:

    Forrest Gump Restaurant nya ada dimana??

  2. Stephanus Lukmanto says:

    Ada di Bali, Namanya Bubba gump, suka Film Forest gump juga ya?

  3. bagsholic says:

    Pelem nya sih not really on top of my list … but it’s inspiring! I like the Bourne series :p

  4. kuchikuchi says:

    why hello Steve! lo berdomisili di mana ya? Jakartakah?

  5. Stephanus Lukmanto says:

    #3 Bourne?Wah, sama hehehe,I like Bourne to, basically i like watching movie, it is one of my hobbies hehe

  6. Stephanus Lukmanto says:

    #4 engga, aku domisili di Surabaya, aku aslinya Malang kok, klo kmu?asli jkt ya?

  7. saya mau cari pendamping hidup

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